Plan your house

Firstly, plan your house, We can source houses from all suppliers, we have listed a few links below. We can supply any house from these companies and have them delivered direct to us for design, or to you if you fancy having a go yourself! After you have made your choice, we then offer a full FREE consultation, each room is customised to your exact requirements from wallpaper to lights.


This is Ashcroft Hall by ‘The Dolls House Builder’.

The exterior has been modified extensively with additional mouldings to really show it’s Regency splendor! This is an example of how you can take a standard house and really make it unique.

See below some examples of my latest houses. These are only a few images and many more can be found in the gallery.

The design process

Shops and House Suppliers

The Dolls House Builder

Mini Bijou

Interior Suppliers

The Wonham Collection

Stacey’s Miniature Masonry

Miniature Scene UK

Replicast Miniature – Ornate plaster work

Blackwells of Hawkwell

Dream Home Miniatures

Tanya’s Little Curtains

Sussex Crafts Miniatures

La Petite Maison D’Amour

Irish Dolls House – Grand Designs