Renovations & Alterations

200 year old dolls house renovation

Before renovation images

During Renovation Images

Renovated images


Shop Renovations

Restoration of antique house with working lift

This Shop renovation included adding a custom loft hatch!

Before & After 

The renovation below included reconfiguring the hallway, adding a secret passage, and a conservatory!

This one was an especially complex full redesign!

This one was over 30 years old and based on a Japanese childhood book!

Charles Rennie Mackintosh House

This was a Georgian dolls house that has been extensively altered inside and outside to reflect the owners love of Mackintosh and William Morris

Kit Alterations

April cottage by the old House Emporuim

We have added new rooms, reconfigured the layout and rebuilt the extension 


Montgomery Hall by the dolls house Emporuim

We have added new rooms plus a new mansard roof.